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Dear PS500 Partner,

As I write this, I am sitting in Heathrow Airport in London, England on my way to Abuja, Nigeria. This is the first of several international trips over the next three months. Within this span of time, I will also be in Brazil, England, Ireland, South Korea, Japan and the U.S. This is just through the end of May. While I am in Nigeria, I will be speaking to the Nigerian Coalition of Apostles. This is a large group of Apostles in this nation who are seeking to see revival and reformation come to their nation. This group is connected to the International Coalition Of Apostles that is convened by Apostle John Kelly. I am honored to be on the international board of this group. The idea behind ICAL is to see each nation have its on coalition of apostles that can then change a nation. Great things are happening in the world. s

I also have just begun a 50 State Tour called “Unlocking The Destiny of America From The Courts Of Heaven.” In addition to all my other travels, I will be in all 50 States. The purpose is to get things legally in place in the spirit realm for all God has purposed for each State. As this occurs we are looking for a shift to continue in our nation back to God with an awakening occurring. I was just in Minnesota this past weekend where there was a great time of teaching and seeking to help the Ecclesia form for that State. The Ecclesia is that which has the right to present a case in The Courts Of Heaven. We must see an expression of the Ecclesia be formed in each State for this to occur. I have 18 States scheduled for 2015. I will do as many as I can possibly do before the presidential elections of 2016. Most believe we are in a critical hour in our nation. We are seeking to do our part in helping what God desires to become a reality in America. Please pray for this endeavor in our nation and our nation as a whole.

One more thing I want to mention to my friends and partners is that I have recently formed an apostolic group called Global Reformers. We met in the Dallas area for about 2 ½ days. Out of this came about 17 ministries/businesses that have now aligned with me apostolically. These presently represent ministries/business from many places in the U.S., plus South Africa and Germany. This is a group in a close relationship that have a heart for “Operating In The Courts Of Heaven” plus seeing nations touched and changed for the glory of God. It was amazing to watch the Lord knit our hearts together during these times in His presence. This group/network is very relational. This is why I haven’t spoken of this network and alignment publicly until now. We aren’t trying to make it large, just relational. Regardless of how many become a part, we do not want to lose the closeness that is among us. I am very excited about the future of Global Reformers and those who are a part.

I really appreciate all you do in giving, praying and standing with me and the ministry to the nations. May the Lord reward you greatly for all your effort and sacrifice. Blessings to you.

Excited In Him,

Robert Henderson