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Dear PS500 Partner,

Recently, I had a dream I believe brought some insight into what we are facing as a nation. The dream had several components to it, but I will share only pieces of it here.

Before I launch into this dream, let me qualify it by saying that the Lord through the years has spoken to me in dreams about our nation. Before there have been significant occurrences, frequently I have seen it in a dream and lived to see the fulfillment of. For instance, before the 2008 drop of the stock market that took us into the recession we all lived through, I saw it a few months before. I saw the Dow Jones in the form of a gauge. It dropped so fast that people were in a panic. I also knew that many thought it would be destroyed, but I knew it would rise again. I knew those rightly positioned would make lots of money, which in fact is what has happened. I shared this with apostolic and prophetic

people at that time. It seemed few took me seriously. Those who did, actually moved their money and preserved their life’s savings. Others lost large portions of their investments.

A few weeks ago, I had another one of these “prophetic” dreams concerning America. In this dream, I was standing in my house looking out a large section of windows. I believe the windows in my house speak of the prophetic insight into what is coming. It is what I was looking through. As I watched, a strong windstorm began to blow. This wind was so strong that it was blowing heavy and large objects loose. These objects were coming toward my house. The storm was frightening and I knew very dangerous. As the objects flying in the wind were being blown toward my house, they suddenly would split and go around my house leaving it untouched. I realized there was an unseen shield around my house that would not allow it to be touched. I had a distinct sense in the dream of the protection of God being around my house.

As the dream continued, I saw myself and another apostolic leader being invited into the White House to have an impact and be effective there. I believe there is a storm coming to America. I am not a doomsday kind of guy. This is because I believe and serve a God of hope. Also, I get really irritated at doomsday preachers who feed off the paranoia that can be generated in the Body of Christ. I have watched all the stuff come and go and have seen the gullibility of Christians. I also believe God warns and instructs His people. This is what I understand this dream to be.

There will be a storm. It is imperative that God’s people be joined to the right “houses.” This does not mean necessarily “churches”, but I believe apostolic ministries who can provide these kinds of safety and sanctuary. If a “church” is apostolic and led by apostolic people it can qualify to be this as well. God will afford protection to His people. Part of that protection is how we are positioned in the spirit realm through proper alignment. The “house” you are joined to, could determine the protection you experience. I personally want to be joined where I am meant to be.

I also believe that “we” will have influence into the White House again. After the storm there will be a restoration of Christian impact into the government of our nation and even the presidency. We have not come to the end of the purposes of God for our nation. America will again fulfill what is written in the books of heaven concerning her. We must continue to stand, watch and pray. As we do, God will guard and protect us and shift America back to her purpose.

Standing and Believing,

Robert Henderson